Dr. I . Cernavin is a Registered Specialist in the following areas: Prosthodontics, Aesthetic Dentistry and Implants.



Graduated Bachelor of Dental Science (B.D.S.)
Adelaide University.

Graduated Master of Dental Science (M.D.Sc).
(Fixed Prosthodontics) Melbourne University.

Invited to become a Fellow of the Academy of Dentistry International
(F.A.D.I. for contribution to dentistry world wide)

Awarded membership in the Royal College of Dental Surgeons
(M.R.A.C.D.S.) in the specialty field of prosthodontics.

Registered Specialist Prosthodontist.

Work Experience

1972 - 1990
General Practice
Adelaide, London UK, Melbourne.

1992 to Present
Registered Specialist Prosthodontist.

Clinical Demonstrator (Crown and Bridge) and Part-time Teacher (Occlusion)
School of Dental Science, Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry, University of Melbourne.
External Examiner to final year dental students in restorative dentistry.
Examiner of foreign dentists wishing to practice in Australia.


- Australian Dental Association
- Academy of ANZ Prosthodontists
- The International Society for Lasers in Dentistry (Australian Representative,
- Committee Member)
- American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery (Fellow and Committee Member)
- Australian Prosthodontic Society
- Australian Dental Association (Victorian Branch)
- Defence Committee - Chairman (A.D.A. Victorian Branch)
- Past President of Australian Dental Association Group A (Victorian Branch).


English, Russian, some French and German.


Lectures to Undergraduate and Postgraduate Dental Students, Bioengineering Students
and continuing education courses to graduate dentists on topics including Lasers in Dentistry, Implants, Dental Materials, Clinical and Aesthetic aspects of dentistry, Air Abrasion and Medico-Legal aspects of Dental treatment.


Presentations of research results and lectures in Australia, USA, Japan, European
and Asian countries.
Chair of scientific and clinical sessions, serving on various committees of International
Bodies pertaining to Lasers in Dentistry.


- Associate in the School of Dental Science, University of Melbourne
- Elected Senior Fellow, School of Dental Science University of Melbourne February 2000
- Appointed Chairman of Defence Committee (Victorian Branch)
- Appointed to the Ethics, Defence and Quality Assurance Review Committee (AD HOC)
- ADA Victorian Branch 2001
- Australian representative for WFLD (World Federation of Lasers in Dentistry)
- Appointed as examiner in Operative Dentistry to the board of examiners of the Australian Dental Examining Council Inc. (A.D.E.C. - now ADC)
- Elected Fellow of the American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery Inc - April 1994
- Invited by the International College of Continuing Dental Education (ICCDE) to be included in the databank of lecturers for the Asia Pacific region
- Appointed to the Accreditation Assessment Team of the Australian Dental Council - April 1996
- Appointed lecturer for the Melbourne Orientation Training Course for Overseas Trained Dentists
- Appointed member of the Professional Indemnity Committee (ADA Victorian Branch) - 2004
In addition, Dr. Cernavin has served on organizing commitees for intenational conferences, examined final year dental students, reviewed journal articles submitted for publication and examined Theses for post graduate students.


Many publications in refereed journals on results of research, clinical matters pertaining to lasers in dentistry and prosthodontics, as well as in non-refereed journals on the above matters, the use of air abrasion in dentistry and medico-legal matters.